The credit transfer / course exemption requests of the new graduate students is evaluated according to the İTÜ Legislations (in Turkish). In this respect; 

The applications are made until the end of the second week of the first course enrollment semester. The applications after the indicated period are not considered.

The courses for the credit transfer / course exemption can be up to 5 academic years before. 

The application is presented to the institute with a petition including  the approved course contents and transcript in the attachment, and the clear statement of the request.

The request is resolved by the Institute Administrative Board according to the Programme Board. 

The courses for the credit transfer / course exemption request should be with a minimum CC grade.

The number of courses with the credit transfer / course exemption should not exceed half of the courses that the student is obliged to take in the programme.

Assigning another course instead of the failed course

1. All students have the right to choose a course that fails for the elective courses at most once during their education, regardless of whether they meet the following requirements, instead of the failed course. If students have benefited from this right course substitution request is taken into account when assessing the following conditions;

a. The failed course must be taken again so that it does not affect the overall average. No other course can be counted.

b. If the unsuccessful course is not opened, it can be offered to another course instead of being taken out of the lesson plans.

2. Failed grades which the request is approved can not be removed from the transcript of the student, but the contribution of that course to Grade Point Average GPA score is raised.

3. The method of deleteing the failed course from the transcript is not applied.

4. The course that was previously taken and succeeded can not be regarded as a substitute for the later failed course.

5. In the event of failure of the compulsory mathematics course accepted by the programs, one of the other compulsory mathematics courses accepted by the program may be proposed to substitute.

6. The same course can be taken on different language instead of the failed course. In this case, a petition must be given to Institute, so that the course to be taken can be substituted for the failed course.