Dear Academicians,

Access to the e-LEE Information Management System will not be available for a while due to technical problems with our servers.

During this period, all ITU Graduate School processes will be carried out through the forms on the Graduate School website. For these processes, the following procedure should be followed.

Depending on your issue, necessary forms should be downloaded from  and delivered to the Graduate School in two different ways after they are signed:

  1. Documents can be delivered to the Graduate School in-person.
  2. Documents can be sent to the Graduate School via e-mail at However, the persons who signed the relevant form should also be added to the e-mail CC sections. All e-mail should be sent from the individuals' ITU e-mail addresses. E-mails that are not sent with will not be processed. In the e-mails, Name, Surname, Student Number, registered Program and Department, contact information and information about the process should be written in the subject section in detail and signed forms should be attached.

There are some documents needed be attached to some forms such as Thesis Proposal and Study Reports Form, or Thesis Submission Form. To be able to attach these documents, there is a section that can be accessed at where a student can upload relevant attachments such as PhD Thesis Study Report, PhD Thesis Proposal Report or PhD Thesis Submission and Graduation Procedures etc. Please be careful in this regard.

Kind regards,

Graduate School