Dear ITU Members,

Necessary evaluations were made in line with the decisions taken by the Council of Higher Education at the General Assembly Meeting dated 30.03.2023 regarding the 2022-2023 Academic Year Spring Semester education and training process. At the end of the discussions, it was unanimously decided that the proposals for;

1)         Conducting mid-term exams online, and if appropriate, assigning homeworks or projects instead of mid-term exams,

2)         Conducting final exams and the additional exams applied for students who have completed the maximum period face-to-face (in the classroom),

3)         Conducting PhD qualifying written and oral exams face-to-face,

4)         Conducting PhD thesis proposal and progress report presentations online or face-to-face,

5)         Conducting PhD thesis defense exams face-to-face,

6)         Giving the right for make-up exams to the students who themselves or whose families reside in the earthquake region and cannot attend the mid-term or final exams,

7)         Continuing to apply the weights of course evaluation criteria as previously announced,

8)         Applying English Proficiency exams face-to-face (in the classroom),

are appropriate.