Dear ITU Members,

●       Education in 2022-2023 Spring Semester will start with online education method as of Monday, 20 February 2023 in accordance with the latest decision taken by the Council of Higher Education.

●       Lectures will be held online by our faculty members and instructors in the classrooms specified in the course programs, using a board and computer.

●       Dormitories, classrooms, laboratories, studios, workshops, libraries, dining halls, sports facilities and other facilities on our campuses will be open to the use of our students.

●       In accordance with the Framework Regulation for Applied Education in Higher Education, applied laboratory, studio and workshop studies, which are classified as applied courses, can be conducted face-to-face.

●       Spring Semester midterm exams will be left to the last 5 weeks of the 14-week education.

●       There will be no “Spring Break”, and the academic calendar has been postponed by one week.

●       Upon the request of students who will not be able to continue their education in the spring semester, they will be given leave, which will not be counted towards the duration.

●       Course add-drop procedures will be made between 20 February-3 March 2023; course withdrawal procedures will be made between 6-10 March 2023.

●       At the beginning of April, new practices may be introduced according to CoHE’s assessment.